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A segment from her online commentary explaining her departure from the WWF.

This is from Joanie's online commentary. Full credit goes to and to Ian of Chyna is 2 Cool for e-mailing it to me.

"I've read all the rumors that I was asking for an exorbitant amount of money and that I had a huge ego in the negotiations. This really is completely false. The truth is that I did not want to sign another five-year contract that would take me backward when in the past WWF talent have moved forward. I did not see this as an opportunity for me to continue to grow in my career. In the past, the WWF talent have received pay increases when their contracts were renewed. I was expected to go backward and to commit to five more years at the same time, and I just did not feel this was the best move for me. As a result, I was dropped from the active roster and told that my contract would be let go when it expires in November. I feel this is in some ways a result of the semi-monopoly that the WWF now has in pro wrestling since the collapse of WCW. There really is only one game in town now for pro wrestlers, and mine was the first major contract to be up for renewal after the WWF's purchase of WCW. This left me as a wrestler with nowhere to go except the WWF, and my guess is that other stars of the WWF will have similar issues to consider when their deals are up. Then perhaps some of the "experts" who say I became greedy and egotistical will realize that this was a business decision on the WWF's part. I did not quit the WWF."

You can read her entire commentary at!

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