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Here are the details from Joanie's autograph signing on July 28 in Howard Beach by Ron and Kristina.

Seeing her for the third time was just awesome. I went there not for the purpose of the autograph, but just for the purpose of seeing her beautiful face because I don't think I could've gone another day without seeing her. Even though it was a bummer paying the $22, seeing Joanie was worth it. I went up to her and I introduced myself. she asked if I was a member of her site, I said yes, and them she gave me a HIGH-FIVE!!!!!!! Isn't that something?

Ron from New York City

I got up around 12:00 and i went on the computer and i went to and i check out wat time she was going to be at Howard beach at video game central too soo it said 6:30 p.m to 8:30 p.m and it also said call for details soo i did and the person that worked there said i needed to buy tickets n i said how many do u have left and he said 80 and i got upset because i didnt think i was going to get tickets so me and my dad rushed there and lucky for me there was tickets still left so i got 3 and got 1 free so i brought my sister my mom and my dad with me! So i got there around 6:34 and waited online for about close to a hour i met some really cool people 1 girl liked chyna.. (but not as much as i did) The line was soo long but i didnt care i would wait my whole life to met Joanie the amazing wonder!!

Newayz we were next to go in and as i stepped in i can feel Joanie Waz there and there was people there and i happened to look over and i see Joanie!!! signing autographics she looked soo pretty she had that shirt on the one she was wearing at the MTV music awards i loved that shirt....

Then it was my turn to go and the woman took my ticket and i walked up to Joanie and me n her smiled at each other it was wonderful i bent down and took a picture with her and she gave me her pic that she autographed for me and i said thank you soo much Joanie i love you Then she said Your welcome hunnie!! i was soo excitited i will never forget that moment that was the most greatest day i had!! I put the autographed photo in a plastic so nuttin will happen to it i put it up on my dresser with all my other chyna stuff!!

i Just wanna say I Love You Joanie soo much N i cant wait to meet u again some day Im Looking forward to it!! We All Love You good luck in everything you do in life u will goo far and we are proud of you always remember that

the webmistress of chyna my hero
Joanie's Lil Angel <~~ Kristina

"The first time was back on September 28 at WWF NY when she was signing her PLAYBOY which just came out at the time (by the way, I have 5 copies, no joke!!!) I ripped off the cover of the one that she signed for me and I got it framed. Now I stare at it everyday. I have the other four in every room in my house, including the bathroom. The second time was on February 1st at Virgin Megastore in Times Square New York. This time I gave her flowers, and
ask her how come she never responded to my letter which I wrote to her??? She said she was too busy to get around to it, I totally understood that. I gave her my address, and she said she would send me a picture, which I haven't
gotten yet. I love her too much to get really mad at her to hold a grudge. I wonder if she still has my address. Well thats my story."

--Ron from New York City

The first time i ever met chyna was at her book signing at the virgin mega store in times sqaure (new york city)i waited on line for hours just for her! when it was finally my turn i saw her and i was crying i was soo scared... she smiled at me 2 and then she said she liked my eyes (cause my eyes are blue just like hers) newayz she signed my book n then my mom asked if i could kiss chyna on the cheek Chyna Said YES! i was so excited i kissed her on the cheek n said omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like a million times then she smiled at me and i left..

wow thats my story on the ninth wonder! i hope to meet her again i love u joanie!
** You Are My Hero**

--Kristina from Chyna is My Hero