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By Cathy of Joanie's Joint from The Hollywood Reporter.

LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) --- After holding her own with the World Wrestling Federation's finest during the past six years, Joanie Laurer, aka Chyna of WWF fame, is ready to flex her acting muscles on soundstages rather than in wrestling rings.

Laurer, who parted ways with the WWF earlier this year, is in talks with Fox Broadcasting Co. and Fox Television Pictures to star in a telefilm about a guidance counselor who works in an inner-city high school. The project is described as "Dangerous Minds" meets "Kindergarten Cop."

Laurer also has been signed to guest-star on Lions Gate Television's upcoming syndicated action-hour "Tracker" opposite Adrian Paul. She's been making the network and studio rounds during the past few weeks as she pursues a series development deal as well as prospects for guest shots or recurring roles on existing series.

"After six years with the WWF, I'm in a place in my life right now where I always wanted to be," Laurer said. "Chyna became a household name, and she was the great equalizer in the WWF. Now things are starting to happen for me as Joanie, and it's exciting to be standing on my own two feet."

Laurer said she hopes the untitled Fox telefilm project will do for her what "Kindergarten Cop" helped do for Arnold Schwarzenegger, namely soften an image that has been defined by the size of her abundant muscles.

Laurer's Fox telefilm will be produced through the newly formed management-production company the Machine, where she is repped by Jon Sheinberg, Kimberly Woods, Mike McCready and Rich Minzer.


By Cathy of Joanie's Joint

Despite what other reports have stated, Chyna has yet to sign a definite contract with the new promotion, MECW. Apparently, she has been asking for 4 million dollars or in the ball park of that area but now, her price has gone down dramaticly. Depending on what both sides can agree on will decide on Chyna's future in the wrestling industry.


By Ian of Chyna is 2 Cool

Joanie Laurer will not be making anymore appearances in 2001 because she is lining up a big series of appearances in early 2002 she will call it The Body By Joanie tour. Miss Laurer has said at . She
will have more appearance dates listed next week.

January 19
25th Annual World of Wheels Custom Auto Show
Hampton Coliseum
Hampton, VA
2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

February 23
40th Annual Custom Auto Show
Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center
Louisville, Kentucky
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


By Robb Michael of Joanie's Joint

Credit to for the report:

John Collins, owner of the Main Event Championship Wrestling promotion, has reportedly been telling friends that he will sign Chyna immediately after her contract with the WWF runs out. Chyna's contract runs out in mid-November, and she has already announced that she will no longer appear on WWF TV, and will wait out her contract.

This comes right after Chyna had announced that she is completely done with wrestling, and that she is seeking a career as a movie actress.

Collins has already negotiated with wrestlers such as Buff Bagwell, Scott Hall, and many others. Do not take Collins seriously. Chyna already stated that she will never return to pro wrestling.

Chyna will be appearing in a Monster Truck Show in Odessa, Tx in August. A cardboard cutout of her is the advertisement, and it uses her real name Joanie Laurer, "formerly known in the WWF as Chyna" .


By Cathy of Chyna Central

From Joanie's on-line commentary at's member section.

"Many, many fans have written asking for comments on why I am not currently involved with the WWF, so I want to answer your questions as best I can. In all honesty, there's really not too much more to say than I've already said, which is that I have been released by the WWF and now I want to pursue some other interests and opportunities in my career right now...I want to thank all of you for supporting me during my career so far, and I hope you'll continue to do so!"


By Cathy of Chyna Central

JR commented on the Chyna situation by saying it's not a hostile split, but the WWF felt Chyna was asking for more money than she is worth. He noted that she has done a lot for the company and he wouldn't be surprised to see her back in the WWF again one day.

- There are plans for a possible tournament to decide who the WWF women's champion will be now that it's obvious Chyna won't be brought back on television to drop the belt. We could see it not only be WWF women participating, but the WCW diva's could be involved as well. If the WWF decides to sign any women for ECW, they would be involved also.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: I don't care what JR says-- he's the biggest b***shit artist around.)


By Cathy of Chyna Central

- On a follow up to a previous report, Chyna may be filming a video and photo shoot with Playboy magazine after Hugh Hefner publicly stated her spread drew 3.9 million and that he's interested to work with her again. The only problem is, she is legally not allowed until her contract with WWFE expires as the WWF has a clause with Playboy which only allows WWF wrestling women involved with the magazine. Although now there is only really indies to compare to the WWF so that clause doesn't mean much except for Chyna's situation where it just expands the time of the process.

-Joanie Laurer, aka Chyna, is featured in The Observer's Sport Monthly magazine for the month of July here in the UK. The article covers 5 pages with a few adverts in between. The article is based on a reporter at a WWF event, Smackdown I believe, in Nashville's Gaylord Entertainment Centre. The article is written from the perspective of a fan in attendance at the event with brief mentions of the E&C match against Taker and Kane and of Chyna's match against Molly Holly. Chyna tells of her first experiences of wrestling, her personal life, how she got into the WWF, her appearances on other shows, and a HELL of a lot of plugs for her book 'If Only They Knew'. An article worth reading with pictures of herself, her matches and fans to boost.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: We may have to wait a little while longer, but trust me people-- it'll be worth the wait!)


Reported by Robb Michael and Jenny of Chyna Central/Joanie's Joint.

Hugh Hefner stated in a recent article that Chyna's spread from last year was one of their best selling and that the former WWF Diva would be posing again for the magazine as well as doing a video. There is no date set yet for Chyna's new spread, but you can expect her to take it off once again.


By Cathy of Chyna Central/Joanie's Joint

Chyna is still listed as WWF Women's Champion at the WWF website. Chyna is still under contract, although she is not being used and no negotiations are scheduled to renew her deal. WWF sources say it will be many months, if not more than a year, before the wounds from the negotiations will have healed enough for the two sides to even consider negotiating again.


By Kristina of Chyna is My Hero

- Chyna will play a role in the upcoming Terminator 3 film. It is expected that the WWF will soon drop the Women's Championship but carry on having Diva Matches.

-During the weekend, and episode of "Extra" featured the woman who does the makeup for Playboy models. She claimed that her best work ever was with WWF's Chyna. A 1998 photo was displayed of Chyna, along with Chyna's cover photo for Playboy magazine, as an example.

(Jason/Chakram105 contributed to this story)


By Kristina of Chyna is My Hero:

- It has now been confirmed that future WWF merchandise produced will no longer be associated with Chyna in any format. All t-shirts, diva merchandise and other WWF material will cease production, with the previously distributed goods left on the market at present. The WWF are now intending to inform retails outlets across the country to make no connections with Chyna, when marketing WWF related items. Even before Chyna declared her departure last night following Smackdown!, planning was already underway, in order to enable the WWF to take the necessary procedures early on.


By Kristina of Chyna is My Hero:

Thanks to Chynais2cool for this info.

Latest News

Joanie Laurer is opening her own offical site at


July 19 Rotman's Auction House 4 Brussels Street Worcester,
MA 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Call for details: (508) 791-6710

July 28 Meadowlands Exposition Center 355 Plaza Drive Secaucus, NJ 1:00 p.m.
- 3:00 p.m. Call K&S Promotions for details: (201) 261-4982

July 28 Video Games Central
156-40B Cross Bay Blvd. Howard Beach, NY 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Call for details: (718) 323-1515


Reported by: Keith Wilcut
Thanks to Susan at Peta Wilson Online ( ), "Cinema Confidential" has learned that Famke Janssen has officially turned down the offer to be the villain in "Terminator 3."

Other potential candidates in the running include Peta Wilson, Natasha Henstridge, and WWF wrestler Chyna.

Suddenly, Chyna has become a hot commodity. Hey Vince, are ya listening? PUT HER ON RAW ALREADY!


The following is off the Business Wire:

NEW YORK (AP) -- World Wrestling Federation superstar Chyna says Lil' Kim would make "a great tag-team partner."

"I just bought the Lil' Kim album," Chyna told Vibe magazine in its April issue. "I wasn't too familiar with her music, but I bought it for the album cover. I loved her makeup and her outfit."

Chyna told Vibe she listens to all types of music, but when asked to name her favourite rapper, she replied, "I like the old stuff. Like ... like ... I like that Funky Cold Medina."

Ron, Jen, I logged in. The site's OK for updating.

Joanie Laurer, the sexiest woman of them all, will once again grace the cover of Hugh Hefner's wonderful publication for the January 2002 edition. Mr. Hefner, if you're reading this, I love you, man! (but not in that way, of course). Anyway, so how many pages of bliss this time? 12? 14? 25?!? I can't wait!



By Jennifer of Joanie's Joint

Credit to and her official news page for this information:

On September 24, 25, and 26, she'll be shooting the January 2002 Playboy cover to hit the newsstands December 1st. She also states that Hugh Hefner has come up with an interesting concept for this shoot. She also stated she's shooting some tv spots that will air sometime this fall one will be on F/X Also stay tuned to she's also shooting spots for the popular NBC show "Fear Factor" in October.

By Cathy of Joanie's Joint

Joanie Laurer, known as Chyna in the WWF, is looking to make in the high
6-digit figures for the year 2000 due to reaching her quite substanial
downside guarantee on her currently exsisting contract with World Wrestling
Federation Entertainment. Add in the fact that her Playboy issue broke
records and benefits from autograph sessions and her autobiography, Laurer
looks to be set for the next couple of years given she manages her profits
accordingly. Joanie has made it clear that she looks to fulfill an acting
career, but many doubt her popularity and appeal once she is no longer on WWF
television every week.

No decision has been made on the status of the Womens Title since Chyna's
depature from the WWF.

- Apparently, The WWF is very upset at the recent comments made by Chyna.
They feel she is making a bad name for the company, and with all the
controversy surrounding the WWF already, that isn't taken lightly. This puts
the nail-in-the-coffin for any possible reconciliation between Chyna and the

On a newer Stacker 2 commercial, which has Chyna featured in it, aired last
night. An interesting point that should be noted is the fact that Chyna is
referred to as "Joanie" in the ad, which is her real name. It looks as though
Stacker 2 had a separate contract with Joanie Laurer than with the WWF.

Joanie Laurer is going on the road to meet fans across the U.S. and Canada. In the coming months she'll be appearing in person at major collectors shows, auto shows, and more, so don't miss your chance to meet the woman who has graced the covers of Playboy, TV Guide, Ironman, Newsweek, and dozens of other magazines. Formerly known as the WW's Ninth Wonder of the World "Chyna", Joanie is now succeeding where others ahve failed by crossing over to a thriving acting career. Be sure to check out her upcoming guest appearances on MTV's "Crib Notes" and onto the syndictaed series "Trackers".

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!