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Joanie Laurer finally talks about how the WWF betrayed her.

Written by Manny Vizzotti on July 05, 2001

WOR TV9 (UPN) in New York interviewed now former WWF superstar Chyna regarding her recent departure from the World Wrestling Federation. The show starts off with Linda McMahon stating that the WWF will not be renewing Chyna's contract when in runs out in November and then Linda says that Chyna has recently had surgery and it is time for them to part ways. Then Chyna says that the reason she left the WWF was because of Vince McMahon, with obvious hostility in her voice. Chyna states that with the purchase of WCW, Vince McMahon now has a monopoly in the wrestling business and that it is a crime. She says that the reason she will not seek to resign is because she had no leverage during contract negotiations with the WWF, blaming that too on Vince McMahon's monopoly in the wrestling business. Chyna also adds that she does not see her character going anywhere, since the WWF will not give her the WWF heavyweight title and that her character has is just about played out. Chyna sign with the WWF in 1997.

On a positive note, Chyna says that she will now seek a career in Hollywood and that she is at the bottom of the totem pole and more pay her dues there, as she did in the WWF. Best of luck to her!

On a side not, during the interview, Chyna repeatedly expressed hostility toward Vince McMahon and the WWF. It is not likely that Chyna left on good term with the WWF so don't expect to see her on television from now until her contract runs out in November of this year.

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