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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this column are not necessarily those of Chyna Central or its webmaster, Robb Michael. The key word here is "not necessarily." Think about it.

Hey all,
Its Anjel here with your February addition of my column. I am glad you found it seeing how I just switched over to Robbs site (which is great) and I hope you visit us often. Now, lets get down to business
First, I would like to take some time to talk about recent story lines in the World Wrestling Federation, like most of you I am very up-set with them as of late. Well, Chyna is not in any of them, which I think is a perfectly good waste of talent but if she has to take some time off to sort things out, I respect that. When she does come back however, it will be a very big disappointment in my eyes if she jumps into the womans title scene again. I mean, come on now, we are talking about the ninth wonder of the world here. She should be winning the IC title again and possibly even the world!
Then we have the whole title situation HHH or Austin get involved every time and ruin the match. Now, I dont want you to get me wrong here, I would much rather see HHH as our world champ than Angle any day Its true Its true. I Personally feel that Angle does NOT need the title to build heat towards himself.
Extreme Smackdown! was a extreme upset to most fans this week, the only reason they had the darn show so hyped was to promote the XFL and to try beat the Friends and Survivor ratings. Not even one title change, and remember they had every title on the line that night except for the light heavyweight. But, lets stick with our favorite federation and see if things change over time.
Lets move on to news and rumors shall we? I first want to make something very clear to all of you, and that is not to believe everything you read on the net! There have been so many rumors flying around about Chyna these days that it is sometimes hard to tell what is true and whats a lie. Im now going to tell you some of these wacky rumors I have heard lately. Chyna is dating Joey from the boy band *NSYNC, I dont think so people! Last time I checked Chyna was living with fellow wrestler HHH and is engaged! Kurt Angle even said this in the late fall on a radio program and I would rather believe someone who personally knows the Ninth Wonder of the World, than some sappy net reporter who thinks they know everything! But then again thats just me. I also have various people e-mailing me telling me the reason Joanie had to take time off is because she is getting a breast reduction. The only thing I can say about this is Did you hear it from Joanies lips or someone close to her? probably not, but if you did feel free to e-mail me with your source. There were a bunch of other messed up things I read and heard as well, but we cant just sit here all day talking about rumors, so lets talk news now.
Shawn Micheals wrestling academy shuts down this is a sad day for me, you see I was going to attend that school when I was 18. Now, I have to go in search of another one. But, speaking of the Show Stoppa in Dec. he meet with good Ol JR about a return and both said that it went very well, meaning HBK could be wrestling a match sometime this year. It would be a dream come true for me and I think that he deserves to win the match if there is one. In general we wish him the best of luck.
Chynas biography came out recently, and it is a must read! I will bet you right now that it will make the best sellers list. To promote this new project Chyna will be appearing on many radio and TV shows. Did any of you see her on Howard Stern? It was great, she finally had the balls in her court and she did a wonderful job. So go out and bye the book entitled Chyna: If they Only Knew!
Thats about it for now. Oh yeah, I almost forgot Chyna fans everywhere dont be upset! Look for Chyna to be back in time for WrestleMania this year! I am serious, just keep your TVs tuned in for Raw and SMACKDOWN! she will be back soon
Well, I have got to go but I will talk to you all later. If you have any comments or question you can e-mail me at or talk to me on AOL instant messenger under the screen name anjel339.
Keep safe and warm,

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